Digital engineered
homes built with
natural and

EEN TIL EEN is a danish architecture and construction company which designs and builds high quality and sustainable homes with the digital building concept BUILDR. Our homes are designed by architects with advanced 3D technology and constructed with intelligent building modules – fully integrated with natural ventilation, passive solar heating and natural breathable materials.

We only use certified wood – a renewable building material which stores carbon and thereby saves the environment from huge amounts of CO2 – before you even move in. Our homes can even be built on screwpiles without any concrete in the foundation. This leaves a minimum impact and keeps the house dry and free from rodents. A home from EEN TIL EEN is manufactured locally using wood from local and sustainable forests and complies with the toughest eco-house and energy standards.

EEN TIL EEN uses natural wood fibers as insulation, which gives a healthy indoor climate with superior moisture and heat regulating properties. This allows our homes to be built without a traditional vapour barrier so you don’t have to live inside a plastic bag, but a house that breathes naturally. In combination with a high-performance heating system and natural ventilation you get a truly healthy and sustainable home for You and your family.

Hos EEN TIL EEN tegner, producerer og bygger vi dit hus. Vi følger dig gennem hele processen fra første idé til det færdige hus. Alle vores huse produceres lokalt på egen husfabrik og bygges af egen entreprenør. Det betyder, at vi kan holde øje med kvaliteten igennem hele processen og tilbyde dig det absolut bedste hus – tænkt, tegnet og bygget med kvalitet, præcision og helt igennem bæredygtige materialer.

We build architectural unique homes with a highly flexible and digital building system, which makes sustainable living accessible to everybody.


/ Building Process

One coherent
and optimized
process from first
sketch to final

01.  Design

Our experienced architects and building specialists will shape and transform Your ideas and dreams into a truly unique home – designed in 3D specifically for You.

02.  Production

An advanced building software transforms Your unique design into production data and all the parts are manufactured by robots – on demand and on time.

03.  Construction

Our skilled and experienced building team takes charge of the entire building process – your guarantee for a high quality house made from the best materials.

04.  Delivery

We walk you through all the materials and products that make up your house, so you know everything about your new home – from the exterior to the interior.


/ Building Projects

Build in balance
with our unique
building system
and realize your
dreams today


/ Choose a house type

Shorten the design process
and choose on of our
architectural house types

01.  The Town House

The Town House is a classic danish housing typology with a functional plan layout in one and a half or two stories. The double story house optimizes material use and heat consumption and is therefore a preferred and very popular type.

02.  The Compact House

The Compact House is with its rectangular geometry and simple roof an economic and very functional house type. The tall facade can be oriented towards south which lets in lots of sunlight and creates the possibility of a small mezzanine level.

03.  The Angle House

The Angle House creates with its shape a natural separation between the bedrooms and active living area. The angle also makes a sheltered yard space from where you can enjoy the outdoors and evening sun.

04.  The Funkis House

The Funkis House creates a modern contemporary look with its clean geometry and flat roof. The Funkis House is typically built in two stories which makes way for double height rooms and intriguing spatial views.


/ Events

We implement
digital sustainability
in all our buildings.

One of Denmark’s best examples of a Cradle To Cradle building is built in Asserbo.

TV2 Lorry

Villa Asserbo is a beacon for all sustainable buildings in Denmark and the rest of the world.

Midtjyllands Avis

EEN TIL EEN is capable of making sustainable architecture present and engaging to everybody who dreams of a new house.

Sustainable Award 2018NYKREDIT FOUNDATION

Our digital building system and intelligent use of natural materials is a local solution to global challenges in the building industry – and therefore all of us.



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